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5th Generation Family-Owned Business

1909 - The beginning.

Not much is known about when exactly we opened our doors as a fish & chip shop, but records can confirm that during 1909 fish & chips were sold on the premises. Before this, family discussion and interviews have revealed big ovens were originally in our outbuildings, influencing popular belief that a bakery may have been the initial trade.  So who do we have to thank for creating our dynasty? Mary Philis, otherwise known as Louisa and her business partner Mrs Hockey. Little is known about how long they were in partnership, as eventually, Mary was the sole proprietor. We believe due to the fact that fish & chips were still a very new concept in England the business had no name only a reputation. 

Mary's daughter Louie inherits the business, fish & chips is now a very established concept in England, and very popular. During her reign of the business she married Frank Knight & we believe somewhere during this period Knights obtained its name. During their successes there were several highlights - Louie handmade some of the most renonwed faggots in somerset. Customers would often line up with china dishes to stock up on faggots until the next visit! - That good!

1931 - The dawn of Knights

"My earliest recollection of our shop was during the war seeing a queue of men in uniform. I often used to fall asleep in an open cupboard on piles of newspapers ie wrapping paper at the end of our counter. The frying range was of course coal-fired and I remember at the end of each frying session my father carrying the glowing embers from the range on a shovel through our living quarters and letting it burn out in our domestic fire-grate."

"Fish deliveries during the war were very unpredictable and spasmodic. The cod that did arrive had only been gutted and not filleted – my parents had to do that – and what remained was boiled, the flesh removed for fishcakes and the bones buried in our garden. I remember trying to grow cabbages in the early 50’s in the same garden and always the crop galloped into flower due to the high fertility of the soil being full of fish bones."

- William Knight (Ex-Owner)

1992 - The next generation

Son & Daughter of Louie Knight - Bill Knight & Iris Look (nee Knight)

Inherit the business and employ various members of their families to help maintain the highly successful and ever-increasing trade. 

During these years, queues would often go out the door and down the street! A testament to the awards the business also received during this period. 

1999 - 3rd into 4th Generation

Following the passing of his sister Iris, Bill Knight takes on the mantle himself and seeings the business through its 100th year anniversary.

At this point, we were considered to be Glastonbury's oldest business & also the oldest fish & chip shop that has remained in the same family throughout its existence.


There is still reason to believe we may be the oldest UK fish & chip shop - but there are various others who claim this! 


During Bill Knights ownership, several other members of the family were conscripted into service to produce some tasty fish & chips. 1 son, 3 daughters, 4 Grandchildren, and a daughter-in-law, and son-in-law all worked through various years and several stayed on! 

2010 - 100 years layer 

2010 - 100 years layer 

2010 - 100 years later 

Daughter of Bill Knight, Charlotte Mitchell (nee Knight) and her husband Kevin Mitchell purchase the business and take-up the gauntlet. 100 years had just passed by and we certainly celebrated!

After several years of working for Bill Knight, all the knowledge and information was passed down and the legacy was set to continue. Introducing a more modern menu, the business went from strength to strength. More family members became permanent fixtures in the foundation of the business, including the next generation. 

Winning our fish & chip quality award and maintaining it for several years was our first step into a more dedicated and sustainable approach to fish & chips. 

2014 - Born to Fry 

Son & Daughter begin training on business management and frying. Working full-time and a promise of a long future with the business.  

2016 - 5th Generation

We started our 108th year with 4 Family members at the helm, preparing, cooking and serving the best fish & chips we have to offer. Very proud to continue their great great grandmothers legacy.

2019 - 110 YEARS OF FISH & CHIPS

In our 110th year, we excelled in many areas, winning a national fish & chip award for top 20 best fish & chip restaurants and also getting in the trip advisor hall of fame. Aside from being over the moon for our awards. We are so humbled that our customers have supported us and allowed our family business to grow for 110 years!

Thank you

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